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Condition: Brand new in box. Available in white/neon yellow or white/pink.

Handystandy™ is not only a cool tool that would look great on any golf bag, but it is seriously useful.

  • No more wet gloves – gives you a better grip
  • No more wet grips – equipment lasts longer
  • No more leaving clubs behind – avoids frustration
  • Club shaft stays dry – less likelihood of rusting
  • Place anywhere on the shaft to give desired elevation – flexible club height/angle
  • Eliminates contact with hazardous fertilisers/dressings – protects hands and club
  • Reduces need to bend down to retrieve club – saves strain on your back
  • Easy to access during play – just clips on the side of your bag

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Product Description


During a round we all find the necessity to take more than one club to play a shot, this typically occurs around the greens were cart and trolley movements are usually restricted.

When a chip and a putt is required the dilemma is what to do with the extra club? Lay it on a towel? Try to balance it on a tee peg? Lean it against a nearby tree? Really anywhere that will elevate the grip off the ground. Sound familiar? None are good solutions – Handystandy™ is the answer!

Handystandy™ is easily operated and is suitable for both men and women.
Handystandy™ has been cleverly designed to be very stable in use – with its wide non-revolving wheels it supports the club perfectly, even on sloping and uneven ground.


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Pink, White


New with box


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